Vision Mission and Values

The NAA aims at fulfilling the function as independent SAI in its operation and is responsible for implementing the external audit function of the RGC by conducting Financial, Performance and Compliance Audit. Audit reports have to be sent to the NA, Senate and to be copied to the RGC and the relevant institutions for the information, aiming at improving all management systems which are weak and improper in its operation.

To achieve the audit in appropriate quality, the NAA have formulated Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2007-2011, Strategic Development Plan II (SDP2) 2012-2016 and Strategic Development Plan III (SDP3) 2017-2021 in due consideration of NAA’s vision, mission, and value:

The vision of the NAA is:

Help the Royal Government manage public resources wisely and to secure the public sector accountability through reliable and timely quality audits.

The mission of the NAA is:

Conduct external audit of the Royal Government through independence and high professional competence to achieve high quality, reliable and timely audit results.

The value of the NAA is:

Quality Audit enhances accountability, good governance and reliability.